Saturday, 30 August 2008

Top Talk - Eastenders here I come

Top Talk

It seems Ray MacAllan is rarely off our screens. “I’ve been kept busy, he admits , “I’ve been in Eastenders, Coronation Street, The Bill, Holby City, Honest and Dream Team. And I’ve got a big part coming up again in Eastenders,” he adds, “that’ll be exciting.”
“You won’t have much time for gardening then?” I venture boldly.
The popular actor agrees, quite cheerfully. “I only ever do the really basic stuff anyway. To be honest I don’t like picture postcard gardens, I much prefer a natural garden. When I lived in the Peak District there was a huge natural rockery in the garden. It was beautiful. Wherever I’ve lived, Mum has always come around and given me advice on what to plant and prune. As I’ve changed houses the advice has varied hugely. I’m lucky now as I’ve only got a small garden and my nephew has his own landscaping business so he helps me out. It’s nice to have a beer and watch him!”
Ray is on his way to his weekly Tai Chi class. “We are out in the park tonight,” he explains. “It’s so beautiful, surrounded by peace and quiet - just listening to the birds singing. I love to meditate next to running water too; it all makes you feel at one with Nature. When filming is hectic, it’s a great way to relax.”
“It annoys me when we mess with Nature,” he continues, “we should pull our socks up and be looking for other forms of energy. I know it’s controversial but I’m all for wind farms. There’s a large one between Sheffield and Leeds and it actually looks quite soothing and meditative. And we should make more of the sea’s energy and power. Surely the technology is available? If we can put men on the moon we should be able to harness the Earth’s natural energy; the sun and the wind. “I run through our beautiful Parks and woodland and get annoyed when I think how we are depleting our Planet. Nature is so giving; we must learn not to take so much or at least to give something back.” Ray is putting something back by running the New York Marathon for Leukemia Research and will appreciate all support and donations. Contact him directly at for details of how to contribute.

Date for the Dairy

IOG SALTEX is at Windsor Racecourse from 2-4 September. Its must see for anyone in the landscaping, grounds care, sports facilities and amenities sectors. With live working demonstrations, new product launches and over 500 stands and stalls, it’s a great day out and an annual holiday for many grounds men, landscapers and forestry workers. For free registration contact 08445576500
See You There
I will be opening Llangynidr Agricultural Show and Fun Day tomorrow (Sunday), which also incorporates the Village’s 65th Gardening Show. It promises to be great fun and the night will be danced away with a disco and a traditional hog roast. Come along and say ‘hello’; for more details contact 01874 730287

Great Balls of Fun

I know a few people who think they can walk on water but now anyone can. The amazing Walk on Water Ball is a 6 ft diameter inflatable ball that actually allows you to ‘mess about on the water’. A little extravagant at £229.00 but a lotta of fun. And if you prefer dry land, then check out the gigantic 3 m high Rolerball that accommodates two strapped-in people and promises the most awesome adrenalin rush. For the large garden and large pocket at £999.00, but worth just visiting the site to watch the video.

Did You Know?

Although temperatures for last year’s August Bank Holiday reached 24 degrees, in 1996, 1986 and 1976 Wales had wet and windy Bank Holidays with gales and thunderstorms. What will this weekend bring?