Saturday, 9 August 2008


Top Talk
Coronation Street actress Vicky Binns starts the conversation by admitting she often goes back to her Mum and Dad’s to relax, by pottering around their garden. “It’s the nicest place in the World,” she tells me, “I have got a small flat in Manchester and it drives me nuts being without a garden.”
I wonder if Vicky, who plays Molly in the popular soap, gets involved and helps out? “Good grief, no,” she laughs, “I just listen to Dad telling me about all the things he does to keep the garden looking so good.”
“We were in the garden the other day and Dad said, ‘smell those’ pushing a bunch of sweet peas in my face. It was amazing it immediately reminded me of being a kid. Scent is so emotive. I was 10 again. Dad told me that he loves lobelia because it reminds him of his childhood when his Granddad used to grow it. Dad used to call it ‘low- belia’ she shrieks with laughter.
Vicky does however, have aspirations to grow all her own vegetables one day. “My last landlady and I grew some veg and tomatoes in grow bags at my last flat,” she recalls. “It took us about 4 months to grow one pepper which we cut in half and stuffed to share. And our tomatoes were quite good,” she adds. “I really don’t have much time at the moment,” she explains, “ as I have a heavy story line. I love being busy and we’ve got some new actors starting soon which is exciting. I think I’ve been in every episode for the last three weeks.” Vicky is obviously, and deservingly, very proud of ‘Molly’s’ forthcoming marriage to the Street’s loveable mechanic Tyrone.
I ask if Coronation Street is home to any keen gardeners? “I don’t think so,” she considers, “everyone is pretty busy. I don’t hear any one talking about gardening, though some of the cast are in to ‘keeping fit’ and love walking and running outdoors.”
Is it true Vicky has made her own Keep Fit DVD. “I was actually approached by someone to do that. She giggles, “they asked me how did I fancy losing a bit of weight and doing a dance video?
Was she offended? “Not at all,” she giggles even more, “I am very much aware of who I am and how I look and it was a great one-off opportunity to have a proper trainer and to get fit. ‘Dance It Off’ was great fun and hopefully inspired ‘normal’ people like me to get into shape and improve their confidence. I’ve managed to keep the weight off too.” She adds proudly.
It’s hard to imagine the likeable, light-hearted actress having any grievances but she stresses that her natural instinct is to hate waste. “I hate throwing anything away and all the plastic packaging drives me mad. Why put lovely organic fruit in layers and layers of plastic?” She rants. “I would love to boycott the supermarkets but it’s all about convenience.” She explains. “Back to being busy; life is so fast-paced today.”
And almost by way of explanation she makes her apologies as she is called back to complete her scene.

Did You Know?

The Anglo-Saxons called August ‘Weod Monath’ which means ‘weed month’ – referring to the rapid growth of weeds (grass and other plants) at this time of year.
Watch the Weather
I am a self-confessed gadget-girl and my latest temptation is the new weather-forecasting watch from Oregon Scientific. Measuring barometric pressure to bring you a simple-to-read forecast, it is apparently amazingly accurate. It is also waterproof which is quite a selling point for those of us working outdoors this summer! £39.99 from

Left, Right, Left, Right

Next Monday (11th) is International Left-handers Day. Apparently on average, left handed people have higher IQ’s; famous left-handers include Prince William, Marilyn Monroe and Leonardo da Vinci and 1 in 4 Apollo astronauts were left-handed (250% more the normal level). And now there are tools, including secateurs, edging shears and tape measures, for the ‘lefties’ too. I was told, ‘if you have to ask why left-handers can’t use ordinary tools then you must be right-handed’.
For more information, a range of tools and a chance to join the Left-Handers Club, visit or call 0208 7703722

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